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Happy Wife, Happy Life

My husband likes to say “happy wife, happy life.” Of course this statement rings true in most cases (men take note here), but living a healthy lifestyle is also an extremely important key to living a happy and fulfilled life. I generally strive to retain a positive and upbeat attitude in any given situation, because honestly, why would you want to go through life any other way? My goal in life is to choose my happiness. Be joyful in every day.

Health and happiness go hand in hand. When you feel good inside, it radiates on the outside. It can be a process, as everyone has their good days and bad days. That’s what makes us stronger and enforces us to put our health and happiness first. If you aren’t taking proper care of yourself, you can’t take care of others to the best of your ability.

“Healthy Wife, Joyful Life” is my blog created from the fact that I am a wife committed to leading a daily, healthy existence all while enjoying the small moments that I am blessed with throughout the day that lead to a happy life. This, of course, includes the most important people in my life – my wonderful family and friends, my loving and caring husband, and our joyous black lab pup.

So cheers to living in the moment, taking care of ourselves, and doing what makes us happy. If you agree, stick around with me, and we’ll continue to toast to life. To health and happiness!



Creating a healthy & happy lifestyle through fitness, food, and doing the things you love

Healthy Wife, Joyful Life

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