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Let's Be Bored

Oh, hey there, blog, I see you over there. I have not forgotten about you. Life has simply been insanely busy, once again. On that note – who else would like to go back to being only seven years old, begging our parents for ideas on what to do because we were so stinkin’ bored? I know I wouldn’t mind it.

It’s definitely no joke when they say “high school will be the best days of your life” and “you’ll miss being this young” because the more you age, the less time you have. Every moment is scheduled and there’s barely any time to just relax.

Growing up, we participated in extracurricular activities, spent all weekend with our friends, and did everything we could to not sit down and study, yet we were still blessed with those precious moments of boredom when we just couldn’t imagine up a new game to play. Before becoming an adult, life is pretty easy.

No responsibilities, no bills. We had all the time in the world.

Now there is absolutely no time to be bored. Life is planned out from sun up to sun down, and I don’t know about you, but I’m lucky if I even make it through a quarter of my daily to-do list.

We all know about time management skills. This concept is drilled into our brains throughout the tail end of high school and all through college. We manage pretty well during that time, even while maintaining grades for the Dean’s List, participating in ten or more clubs at once, and hitting up all the social hot spots every weekend.

But once we enter the real world and become adults, it’s like our days are cut in half. I still haven’t figured out how this happens. Between juggling family time, work, social activities, meal planning, exercise, chores and more, there is absolutely no time to spare.

Be these pretty gals.

Or is there…?

Yes, adult life is crazy. Yes, being an adult requires a lot of effort. But – life can’t be all work and no play, or in this case, boredom. We need to take it easy on ourselves. We can’t be superhuman adults who have perfected adulting. That’s clearly impossible.

But we’re all in the same chaotic boat. We’re all trying to figure out how to be an adult.

Who cares if we can’t manage our time adequately sometimes? Who cares if we don’t make it all the way through our to-do list every day or forget to meal plan for a week? Life goes on. Life is short.

So take a step back to enjoy life. Let’s be bored again.



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