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Those Fleeting Moments

Have you ever taken the time to stop yourself during an extremely busy day and just take in your surroundings? Slowed it down to appreciate every moment you’ve had already had during that day?

Feel the sun’s rays beaming down on you. Admire the birds, the trees, or perhaps the architecture of buildings or homes nearby. Breathe deeply in to smell the icy air of winter, the freshness of new fallen rain, or the deep autumn crispness. Look deep into the eyes of a loved one and just admire their soul.

These are what make life worth living. The fleeting moments- the small moments that surround us every day.

We all know life is short, but we can sometimes overlook those important factors that make up our days, every single day. The beauty that surrounds us- from your loved one holding the door open for you this morning as you rushed out the door for work, to your baby snoring peacefully during a nap. Peace, beauty, love, and kindness can be found in every moment, if we take the time to enjoy our time on this earth.

Many of us carry so many blessings that we can see, taste, hear, and touch, that may seem so insignificant at the time, but we would definitely notice if they were taken away from us. And when something is taken away so suddenly, it’s those little memories that we miss the most.

Live in the moment. Enjoy every sunset. Be thankful for your loved ones. Moments are fleeting, but memories last a lifetime. Hold on to every single one of them.

Cheers to life’s every day moments!


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