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Don't Let the Cravings Kill You

I’ve consumed so many sweets this past week. I’m sure I’ve gone way past my caloric intake every day and may have even suffered from a few minor sugar comas. It’s not the first time it’s happened though, and I’m sure it won’t be the last.

As Halloween came and went last night, this is bound to be a normal turn of events in most households with the tons of candy readily available. Those with a sweet tooth, beware!

And with the holidays just around the corner, the rich meats, savory sauces, and holiday booze will be calling your name. Carb overloads may occur between Thanksgiving and New Years, until many of us will swear off our vices and go into diet mode as our resolutions begin.

But do you know what? It’s okay. We’re human and we like to eat. We go on diets, we give up. We binge eat, then we starve ourselves of our favorite foods. The key to it all is balance.

Of course this can be easier said than done, but everyone has their cravings. It’s normal. This week, mine included York Peppermint Patties, Starbursts, and delectable cupcakes from Icing on the Lake. This week, I’ll focus on natural sugars from fruit, lean proteins, and a healthy selection of veggies. Balance.

Don’t beat yourself up over what you eat or what you don’t eat. Of course, what we put into our bodies is absolutely important, but obsessing over it and punishing yourself for what you eat is way worse. Giving in to our cravings every once in a while is not only normal, but it’s actually healthier. Allowing yourself a treat here and there can make it easier to stay on the healthy eating track because you will be more focused.

According to, author of “The Cheat to Lose Diet,” Joel Marion, states that our indulgences can benefit us both psychologically and physically. Actually planning for our cravings ahead of time can lead to less stress over calories consumed. This can be as simple as reducing our caloric intake one day a week to allow for the extra calories of our favorite snack. This way we won’t go overboard, and it has actually been proven to make weight loss and diet more successful.

It’s important to pay attention to our nutritional needs, but we can’t deny everything our body is craving. This can make dieting and healthy eating a laborious task if we cut out our favorite foods altogether. Planning for our indulgences throughout the week is the best way to have it all. That and eating only a slice of the cake – not the entire thing.

We’re human. We all make mistakes. Don’t beat yourself up over your cravings – don’t let them kill you. I know I indulge, but I know I also try to eat healthful foods most of the time. It’s all about balance.



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