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A Group Hug to End All Group Hugs

Friendship means so much to me, as I’m sure it means a lot to most. Empathy, compassion, kindness, and a simple hug from someone close to you can go such a long way. I am very fortunate to have some wonderful people in my life who are always there for me with hug, or whatever else I may be in need of.

Having that sense of a support system is a crucial part of living a happy life, and of course it provides health benefits, as well. According to the Mayo Clinic, friendships, good or bad, can impact your health and overall well-being.

Friends are able to provide us with a sense of belonging. This stems back to the good old high school days when everyone begins to run in their own clique that best fits in with their interests and personalities. We feel like we belong with the people who enjoy our company and who share the same interests as us. Having that feeling of knowing that you fit in can truly change the way you view life and can even help you find your purpose in this world.

Being with people we actually enjoy being around can greatly reduce stress. We’re happy when we are with our friends because they just get us. We can laugh at the same jokes over a bottle of wine, we can be honest with each other about our choice of clothing or significant others, and we can even make up after a disagreement because we are mature adult friends who share a non-judgmental, open form of communication with one another. That is what makes a friendship, and having that increases happiness.

Self-confidence and self-worth can even be effected by our friendships, as well. The best of friends build us up rather than tear us down. They compliment us and see the best in us, even when we can’t. Being with friends increases our happiness, which radiates into confidence.

In addition to all of this, having a positive support system is imperative in assisting us with coping skills and providing encouragement through many different situations life may throw at us. Through breakups or divorces, illnesses or the loss of a loved one, friends help us cope with these situations. There are many beautiful things in life, and our view can be clouded when something terrible happens.

Friends help to clear up the clouds and make life beautiful again.

Happiness is vital to our health and our friends are a vital part of the puzzle to our happiness. If you are blessed with a strong support system of friends, and family, too, give them a hug to thank them for being there for you. Through the good and the bad, the ups and the downs – tell them how much you appreciate their friendship. Give them all a group hug to end all group hugs.



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