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Any Harry Potter fans out there? Well you’re in for a treat. I recently had the pleasure of attending a dinner party that sent guests straight into the heart of the wizarding world.

We dodged a whomping willow to pass through the brick wall that was Platform 9 ¾. Inside, we were handed our very own wands, sorted into our designated houses by colored cupcakes, and handed a glass of homemade butterbeer. Lit candles floated above the dining room table, and Horcruxes were hidden throughout the quarters. Plenty of great food, mischief, and magic surrounded our group.

Our soon-to-be-wed friends, Jon and Marissa, hosted the charming gathering at their new home. With a little magic, a little Pinterest, and a lot of crafting, the couple transformed their humble abode. Feeling inspired, and a little nostalgic from the magic that is Harry Potter, I got together with Marissa to discover some of the secrets behind the chamber – I mean – the party.

-How did you come up with the theme for this party?

It’s kind of a funny story. I have a friend who is an extreme Harry Potter fan. We are actually going to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter this November in Universal Orlando. Then another mutual friend and I were texting him, joking that he had missed a huge Harry Potter party that we had – when in fact we were just messing with him. He was so upset!

But after the joke was over, it ended up sounding like a really fun idea. So we decided to actually have a party.

-What was your favorite part of putting the party together?

I loved how after weeks of hard work and creativity that the ideas I had in my head actually turned out well! I went to the store multiple times thinking I didn’t have enough decorations, etc. but with the help of my fiancé and a few friends, it all came together.

-What decoration seemed to “wow” guests the most?

Definitely the floating candles and handmade wands. When the lights were turned off and all you could see were these candles floating, gleaming in the “great hall”- it was so magical. I made them out of toilet paper and paper towel rolls, hot glue, white paint, and electric tea light candles. We hung them from the ceiling with clear fishing line, which ended up working out perfectly because you couldn’t see it.

Everyone also loved the wands because it gave the party an interactive feel. Everyone was casting spells and mimicking moves of the actors while watching the Harry Potter movies. The wands were handmade using chopsticks, hot glue, and paint. Hot glue was probably used in the majority of my crafts for the party.

-What was the best part of crafting?

Crafting is actually really peaceful for me. It’s something that I can do after a long day at work to just relax and unwind. I turn on my music and let my creativity take over.

-What advice would you give to others who would like to plan a themed party?

Take advantage of online resources, such as Pinterest, and the help of your friends. Two of my friends and I created a group Pinterest board where we could share ideas of Harry Potter crafts, decorations, desserts and more. They were a huge help in the planning process.

Parties and get-togethers are good for the soul and encourage positive gatherings of friends and families. Not only do you get to meet new people in some cases, but you get to network and make new friends. Throw a theme into the mix, and it is taken to a whole new level. Be inspired by your favorite holiday, book, or decade to create the party of your dreams.

With good food, good friends, and the wizarding world of Harry Potter – how can you beat that?



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