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The Blue Lightning Bug

Making our way through this corn maze was not an easy feat. Our task, if we chose to accept it, was to find all the mailboxes throughout the maze. Each one represented a different family member and had stickers inside that listed each kinfolk’s name that we could add to our map to check our progress.

By this point we had found most of the mailboxes and had collected most of the family’s labels. As the dusk was settling in, the colors of the sky kept changing to reflect the sun slowly sinking to the other side of the earth. It was a beautiful night. But as the light faded we began passing the same mailbox labeled “mom,” the same fence, and the same rock. Literally going in circles.

Sometimes life can feel like you’re going in circles. Constantly spinning from one day to the next, not really knowing where you are. But in this moment, we later realized we were exactly where we were supposed to be.

After choosing a path we thought we had missed before, one friend pointed out a blue light on the ground. A blue lightning bug. We had chosen this path for a reason. This lightning bug was in fact a blue notification light on a cell phone that had been lost at some point that night. There were multiple missed calls and texts from none other than “mom.”

We found our way out of the maze and attempted to return the phone to the business owners of the farm, hoping they could help. There was a family that was indeed searching for a lost cell phone, but we had just missed them. The gentleman we spoke with then ran outside to try to catch the family. Luckily, they were just getting into their car. He was coming back towards us and explained that he was able to grab them before they left, and that the mother wanted to thank us.

“You’ve just made a fourteen year old incredibly happy,” said mom. The young girl looked extremely relieved and the tears were gone.

Something so simple made someone else so very happy. We had thought we were going in the wrong direction, but we ended up exactly where we we supposed to be – as is life sometimes! This had certainly made our night.

We didn’t end up finding all the mailboxes in that corn maze, but we did find the blue lightning bug.



Questions to Ponder:

-When have you had a moment of being “in the right place, at the right time?”

-Have you ever had someone return something to you that you thought was lost forever?

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